INDIGO Speaker Cable

INDIGO Speaker Cable

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The INDIGO loudspeaker cable form is carefully crafted using a combination of highly specialized elements that have been evolved to astonishing levels of performance, using my experiences and innovations from decades of cable development as a foundation.

The structure of the INDIGO loudspeaker cable is something truly special. It begins with a double-run of a 99.999% pure silver ribbon that has my unique Matrix-32 conductor braided around it. I call this conductor the "Ultranova Supreme" - a radical conductor that has proven itself to be a truly invisible performer ... there's nothing else like it.

The pair is fed by hand down a delicate, microporous expanded PTFE ("Teflon") tube, which holds the Ultranova Supreme condcutors by their edges so that they are suspended almost entirely in an air dielectric. 

The microporous tube is then wrapped in TWO coincident Silver-Plated Copper woven tubes, as an open weave, each separated from the other by an interstitial nylon multifilament braided insulator.

The overall cable form is then jacketed in a nylon multifilament braided jacket.

Precision-crafted and painstakingly terminated, Indigo cables are unique and peerless performers that I believe will help to reveal untold depths of beautiful music through your audio system, delighting your ears and evoking a universe of colorful emotions from your heart.

There is nothing in the world quite like an Indigo cable.

~ Chris Sommovigo


• Terminated with XOX Banana plugs (direct gold plated over pure copper)

• CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER : 5 to 8 weeks lead time