INDIGO RCA Interconnect

INDIGO RCA Interconnect

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The INDIGO interconnect form is carefully crafted using a combination of highly specialized elements that have been evolved to astonishing levels of performance, using my experiences and innovations from decades of cable development as a foundation.

The intricate and complex matrices that interweave fine copper and fine silver conductors could only be achieved with a machine that was specifically designed to perform this very complex operation. In short, I had a machine custom-made for me to accomplish this. 32 individually-enameled fine-copper wires are carefully inter-braided in counter-rotating helices with 8 pure silver strands (99.999% pure!) to create what I call the Zoltán Matrix (ZMX).

Zoltán Matrix (ZMX)

ZMX is then carefully installed, by hand, into an air-articulated microporous ePTFE tube in order to maintain and preserve, as best as possible, the high velocity air-dielectric environment. The ground-plane is expressed with a Matrix braid, as well - allowing for only minimal shielding while providing for a consistent and uniform relationship of the ground plane to the EM fields generated by the signal in the ZMX conductor. 

 XOX RCA Connectors

Precision-crafted and painstakingly terminated, Indigo cables are unique and peerless performers that I believe will help to reveal untold depths of beautiful music through your audio system, delighting your ears and evoking a universe of colorful emotions from your heart.

There is nothing in the world quite like an Indigo cable.

~ Chris Sommovigo


CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER : 5 to 8 weeks lead time