Coppertone RCA Interconnect

Coppertone RCA Interconnect

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The Coppertone RCA interconnect cable is a simple expression of our Nami-Style interconnects, whereby a 24 AWG copper conductor is shaped into a sinusoidal wave and inserted into a PTFE tube. The wave-shape helps it remain substantially suspended in the air-dielectric within the tube, keeping capacitance low and velocity high.

Helical tin-plated copper shield.

The Black Cat entry level Coppertone RCA interconnect and banana terminated speaker cables are simply amazing bargains.  We think they redefine the entry level high end cable price to performance ratio. ~ Fair Hedon

The Coppertone RCA interconnect is a simple, elegant build that ensures low capacitance and high velocity by enabling the bare copper conductor to be substantially suspended in an air dielectric by means of our unique forming method called "NAMI" - which means "wave" in Japanese. This was inspired by Alan Blumlein's (et alia) method and patent for improvements to cables "suitable for the transmission of high frequency electric currents" (GB452772).

NAMI differs from the Blumlein/Cork method in that the wire is not periodically "kinked" but rather continuously formed into a wave pattern, which ensures that the wire doesn't bias toward one tube-wall or another when bent. This ensures exceedingly low capacitance and high velocity.