Coppertone Loudspeaker Cable

Coppertone Loudspeaker Cable

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The Coppertone Loudspeaker cable uses tin-plated copper conductors that are loved by so many for their classic sound and arranges them in a coaxial dual-tube arrangement based on a dual-layer helical wind with braided nylon-multifilament fibers between the layers. Although this is a very compact design, don't be fooled by the size! Each pole sums to ca: 15 AWG!

The close arrangement of the two conductor layers allows for low-inductance, while the thinness of the conductors themselves and their coaxial-tubular arrangement evince low skin-effect AND low proximity-effect!

Terminated with gold-plated Banana Plugs

The Black Cat entry level Coppertone RCA interconnect and banana terminated speaker cables are simply amazing bargains.  We think they redefine the entry level high end cable price to performance ratio. ~ Fair Hedon