In the course of development I make various cable designs that are quite good - but also so not necessarily fit in with the catalog. Perhaps 50 or 60 meters of something will be made, tested, used as a learning experience or riffed-off of to inform a future product, or just shelved and stored away.

These are good designs that just won't be making it to prime-time for reasons other than quality and performance. That's where After Hours Audio comes in ... it's a place to find some "Z" stock of designs that you might really enjoy, but that aren't "official" Black Cat products.

The best way to get hip to these Z-Stock cables is to get on the mailing list, which you can do here. Whenever I have something interesting to offer, I send out an email to everyone on the email list and let them know that there's something to check out.

In every case the product will sell for about 1/3 of what it would have to sell for if it went through our traditional distribution channels - BUT! - I never make very many of these, as they're often limited to runs of 10 or 20 pieces for our worldwide email base - which is numbering quite high these days. So it is always first-come / first-served, and therefore it's also important to act quickly when these offers are posted.


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