Hi there! Sorry for the inconvenience, however STEREOMATIC will be temporarily closed for the next couple of months because we are in the process of relocating my family and my business machines (etc) to Japan. Exciting stuff! But complicated ...

SO ... I expect that we will be settled into our new Japanese home by the end of April, and back in business sometime in June. I will do my level best to make the duration of this hiatus as short as possible - if possible! But moving big, cast-iron machines, a ton of supplies and materials - and who knows how many hand tools? - nearly 7,000 miles overseas is going to be a huge challenge, even in the best circumstances. Coupled with moving a family of four (plus dog) to a completely new culture Well - I've got my work cut out for me.

I'll be staying in touch via our "Black Cat Cable" Facebook page - posting pictures, etc - so please make sure to come on over there and check things out! The real action will begin at the start of April, but between now and then I'll be nostril-deep in packing up the workshop, the personal items, and finishing renovations on the house so we can get it up for sale before/by March 1st!

ALSO - for you Headphonistas: If you're planning on attending the SoCal CanJam 2015, I'll be milling around there right before I leave the tarmac at LAX and head for the Land of the Rising Sun. It's going to be an AMAZING event, so you should go if you can. My buddies Warren Chi and Ethan Opolion have outdone themselves this time, so it promises to be the best CanJam yet!

If you can't make it, then make sure you stay tuned to and Headphone.Guru for the play-by-play reportage!

Meanwhile, if you haven't already discovered my little "artisanal" cable venture, head on over the AfterHours.Audio and get hip to that trip!

Have a wonderful Spring, and we'll see you soon after the cherries have blossomed!

~ Chris Sommovigo 02/09/2015